Parimatch Deposit Methods and Withdrawals 2023

Nowadays, there are many ways for sports betting fans to pursue their hobby. Either at your local bookmaker or online from one of the many providers with an EU license. Anyone with the right expertise, the necessary modifications and extra luck and betting on the right sporting events with the right bookmaker can provide a lucrative additional income. But before you can bet online with a bookmaker, you need to open an account there. If you have an account with a provider, you will of course need to deposit money for sports betting. With this account, you can pay out potential winnings again.

Parimatch Payment Methods

Meanwhile, all good and reputable online sports betting providers offer their customers many different forms of payment transactions so that everyone can find a suitable option. On this page, we give you an overview of the different payment methods that are accepted by online bookmakers. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each payment method and which one can be trusted unconditionally.

Each bookmaker offers a variety of payment methods

Thanks to all the payment methods and bookmakers we recommend, and Parimatch withdrawal reviews clients’ money is safe. But not with all payment methods, money is immediately available on the game account. Some payment methods also require a commission. You can find out in Parimatch feedback on payments.

Parimatch PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular payment service providers on the internet these days. With PayPal, you can pay online quickly and securely. In addition, PayPal has a very good reputation, which is now widespread. And more and more bookmakers are also offering deposits and withdrawals through PayPal. Therefore, it is always worth opening a PayPal account. Especially if you regularly pay for online purchases through PayPal or only visit one online bookmaker.

To be able to place sports betting with PayPal, players must open a separate account with a payment service provider. All payments are then processed through that account, so your own bank account details cannot be viewed by the merchant or, in this case, the bookmaker. PayPal Buyer Protection also protects players from fraudulent attempts.

Initially, customers only used PayPal for their online purchases. In the meantime, PayPal has become a popular payment provider for online gambling such as sports betting. Bookmaker Tipico offers its customers the opportunity to receive a Tipico bonus using a PayPal deposit.

PayPal Benefits

  • PayPal is fast and secure
  • Buyer protection helps against attempted robbery is accepted by many other stores
  • PayPal vets suppliers before collaborating, so it’s doubly safe

The only downside to PayPal is that the provider charges a fee to the recipient. This fee must always be refunded when a player requests a payout from their gaming account via PayPal. In addition, not all providers have this payment method in their program.

Electronic means of payment are becoming more and more fashionable. Especially on the Internet in general and with online betting providers in particular. One of the most popular payment methods here is Paysafecard. Paysafecard has firmly established itself as a payment method in many areas of the Internet and is accepted by many different bookmakers. A customer buys a Paysafecard with a specified amount of credit in supermarkets, kiosks or gas stations. A numeric code is then printed on the card, which you must enter to redeem online.

Once the code has been entered and confirmed, the payment has already been made. This means that paying with Paysafecards is, first of all, very easy and fast. Money is credited to your betting account within minutes. Like PayPal, Paysafecards also offer a high degree of anonymity as no bank details are required to make a deposit.

Paysafecard benefits

  • Fast and convenient payments
  • Weather’s bank account remains anonymous

The disadvantage of Paysafecard is that it is not possible to withdraw funds using this method. Bookmaker customers who have deposited money through Paysafecard need a different banking option to withdraw funds. In addition, the maximum amount for a Paysafecard is € 100. In addition, a maximum of ten Paysafecards can be used for payment in accordance with the anti-money laundering and anti-money laundering regulations.

Which payment methods are secure?

Reliable sports betting providers always prioritize safety and transparency when it comes to the payment methods you can read into Pari match feedback on payments. All well-known sports betting providers work together with secure payment service providers. Once the money arrives at the bookmaker’s account, it is also very safe there. All reputable bookmakers will, of course, pay back the money again. However, with e-wallets, as with almost everywhere else on the Internet, there is a risk of unauthorized persons entering the online payment service account with a password or hacking the account. A service like Giropay is not exposed to this kind of danger due to PIN and TAN and is therefore by far the most secure payment method.

Are payments to bookmakers anonymous?

Many people are skeptical about data security on the Internet. Anyone who pays using e-wallets or services such as Paysafecard remains anonymous to the bookmaker in terms of account and bank details. In the case of bank transfers or credit card payments, the bookmaker will recognize the customer’s account. However, this is not fundamentally bad or dangerous, but many people do not want strangers to have access to their banking information. To do this, read Parimatch feedback on payments.

Why don’t bookmakers offer direct debit payments?

Most of the well-known online bookmakers have their own problems with the electronic direct debit system. Reason: Customers will theoretically have the ability to cheat the provider. Because direct debit can be returned to the bank at the request of the client without giving any reason. The money could be lost at the bookmaker’s office and then returned back, and the sports betting provider would be defrauded by a direct debit refund.

What are the fastest payments?

As shown Parimatch withdrawal reviews, the fastest deposits promise to get e-wallets. In particular, providers like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller don’t require waiting times when it comes to sending and receiving payments. The slowest payment method is by far the bank transfer. You can read this in Parimatch money withdrawal reviews.

What is a deposit bonus Parimatch?

Anyone who signs up for the first time with a bookmaker and makes their first real money deposit will receive a welcome gift in return – a new client bonus. Some bonuses are paid in full directly to the account. The rest must be unlocked first.

What are the limits for deposits and withdrawals?

On the website of each bookmaker there is information about the corresponding limits, that is, the minimum and maximum amounts that can be credited to the account. Limits depend not only on the provider, but also on the payment method. You will find particularly high limits with these providers.