Longines Global Champions Tour of Mexico

Longines Global Champions Tour in Mexico presented by GNP Mexico Jumping

Any activity that symbolizes union, pride and the revelation of Mexican talent must be celebrated and recognized. Speaking specifically about sports, where a positive camaraderie and ancestral history is instilled, this patriotic and humanistic feeling is uplifted.

In this case, we are not talking about football, wrestling or boxing as Mexican pride, but about equestrian sports related to horses, such as racing, cross-country or show jumping. But why talk about these activities? Well, not only do they constitute a sport full of elegance, history and skill, but they are also a competition that is positioned as one of the most relevant in the world.

horse racing in Mexico

The Longines Global Champions Tour is the most prestigious show jumping event in the world. Created in 2006 by renowned jockey Jan Tops, the equestrian circuit is held in major cities around the world to raise the sport to the highest standards. The cup is held in Madrid, Monaco, Paris, Berlin, Prague, New York, Doha, Miami, Riyadh and London, among others. In Mexico, the competition is held under the name Longines Global Champions Tour, presented by GNP Mexico Jumping from April 28 to May 1, this is the only stop in Latin America. The venue for the event will be Campo Marte, as it has the best grass court in Mexico. Campo Marte will once again be the focus of world racing, the pride of Mexico and all Mexicans.

The sports program consists of two competitions, both with the participation of representatives of Mexico: CSI5*, which involves riders of the highest level, and CSI2* with slopes of lower height and complexity.

During the four days of the competition, fourteen tests will be held, for which 1,065,633 euros will be distributed, among which two stellar moments stand out:

  • Longines Global Champions Tour Mexican Grand Prix presented by GNP Seguros in the 1.60m. Tall. It will take place on Saturday afternoon with a €300,000 prize pool.
  • Global Champions League GNP Seguros Trophy 1.55 meters high. Two prizes will be awarded to the driver who wins the race individually and the winning team from the venue, adding up to a purse of €243,900.

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