2023 FIBA Asia Cup

International Basketball Tournament

The Asian Basketball Championship (formerly known as the Asian Basketball Association Cup) is an international basketball tournament organized by FIBA ​​(Asia) held every two years since 1960. It is a qualifying tournament for Asian teams for World Cup and Olympic tournament. It is the most prestigious tournament for men’s national teams in sports in Asia.

The FIBA ​​Asia Champions, formerly known as the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) Champions Cup until 2002, is the Asian club championship for professional basketball. It is organized by FIBA ​​Asia and is held once a year (since 1995).

In the past, FIBA ​​has announced plans to potentially expand the FIBA ​​Intercontinental Cup to include FIBA ​​Asian Championship teams, the African Basketball League, the NBL from Australia, and possibly the NBA at some point in the future.



The first Asian basketball tournament was inaugurated in 1960. Its main purpose was to select the strongest Asian teams for the World Championships and Olympic Games.

South Korea’s championship team in most tournaments, as well as the Japanese team, which won silver and bronze medals. The Philippine national team has weakened considerably in recent years – due, among others, to FIBA’s ban on professional players playing in the tournament (in effect until 1989).

Asian participants are divided into five groups (based on region):

Each group sends two or three teams (depending on region) to the final tournament. The tournament host automatically qualifies. Other qualifying tournaments include Stankovic Cup, East Asian Championship, Southeast Asian Championship, Central Asian Championship, West Asian Championship, and Gulf Coast Championship.

The FIBA ​​Asian Women’s Cup is a biennial international basketball tournament for the women’s national teams of FIBA ​​Asia and, as of 2017, FIBA ​​Oceania. Until 2001, it was known as the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) Championship, and until 2015, the FIBA ​​Asian Women’s Championship.

Earlier, different tournament formats were used. Most of them were similar in format to the two group stages and playoffs. The current format in 2022, which will take place from July 12 to 24, is a multi-stage tournament. In the preliminary round, 16 teams have been divided into four groups. The four winning teams from the elimination games will advance to the quarterfinals. The elimination games will take place after the play-off stage.


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