What is a handicap Parimatch in sports betting

The concept of Parimatch handicap (handicap) is a very commonly used term in bookmakers. This type of betting is one of the most popular. To thoroughly understand what is a handicap in soccer betting, and what is the secret of the popularity of this direction, it is necessary to get acquainted with all types of handicap in more detail.


Handicap and handicap in betting should be identified as synonyms. Parimatch Handicaps are necessary when two teams, one of which is much stronger and more powerful than the other, are facing each other in a sporting match. To equalize the chances and create intrigue in the match and use a handicap.

The traditional betting format has three possible outcomes, which means there are more chances to lose. Handicap, as it suggests only two possible scenarios, which increases the probability of any bet. Handicaps are freely used not only in soccer matches but also in many other sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis.


Traditionally, bookmakers work with two types of handicap in Pari match: Asian and European. A separate category is the zero handicap, when F 0. Such a bet is relevant if the player wants to secure himself once again. The bettor bets on the fact that the team will win or play a draw. In the case of a “draw” outcome, the player will get a refund of his bet.

Asian handicap: what it is in betting on soccer and other sports games

Asian handicap Parimatch can be of two types: simple or double. Simple Pari match handicap means a bet with a handicap of “0.5”, “1.5”, “2.5”, “3.5” and other indicators of this kind.

The advantage of the favorite of the sports fight will be expressed not only in whole figures (1, 2, 3), but will correspond to a half of a goal or other units, the value of which is relevant to the game.

A double or quarter handicap is a complex system characterized by confusion. A non-quarter handicap must also undergo an additional division into two stakes.

The odds look approximately as follows: “+1.25” or “+0.25”. Similar values are also found in the minus format.

Considering the Asian types of bets, it is also worth mentioning such a concept as the Asian total. It is calculated and looks, in the abbreviation, the same as the above types of handicap.

European handicap: what it is in betting

The difference between the Asian Handicap and the European handicap in betting is that in the first case numbers with “halves” are used. The European variant of betting looks like, for example, “+2”, “-2”, “+3”, “-3”.

Another important difference – the European handicap excludes the possibility of making a return bet to the player. There are only two options for the outcome in a bookmaker’s office – a loss or a win.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on the European Handicap

According to the opinion of cappers, from the pros of this type of betting stand out the following:

  • The odds on events are offered higher when compared to traditional handicaps.
  • Players have the opportunity to predict not only the victory of the first or second team, but also a draw.

Among the disadvantages (relative) players name the following:

  • Domestic bookmakers far from always offer such betting options, as they are more popular abroad.
  • Predicting the outcome with the Pakistan Handicap Parimatch often requires more serious analysis, because it is almost impossible to determine the outcome at random.
  • It is necessary to understand the statistics, study the positions of teams, etc.

European Handicap does not imply the concept of return, which means you either win or lose.

Cappers bet on the European Handicap at least for the sake of interest, as this option provides an opportunity to show their qualities as an expert.

The European Handicap is also called a triple handicap, as the handicappers can predict three outcomes including handicaps – a home team victory, a draw, or a home team success.

About the advantages of Asian betting

Asian handicap may seem complicated and confusing to newcomers. However, this type of betting allows you to appreciate a number of special advantages. First of all, we are talking about high limits “maximum”. In some cases, the probability of winning reaches 50%, and even if there is a loss, it is always possible to return their amount (part of it).

Players who have thoroughly studied the “complex Asian science” successfully develop quite “working” strategies. Using them in betting, it is possible to achieve serious success.

Positive, Negative and Zero Handicap

In addition to the Asian and European handicap, the handicap is also divided into positive, negative and zero.

The positive variety is displayed as a number with a (+) sign, e.g. handicap 1. As a rule, it is used for outsiders to compensate for their weakness. If the team on which the bet was made loses with a minimum score, the player still has a chance to return or even win money.

A negative handicap is a number with a (-) sign. It is set on the favorite. As a result, the value of the number of goals/goals/kicks is reduced. Winning is possible only if the number of goals scored by a strong team will be higher than the negative handicap.

Zero handicap is an insurance in case the teams will play a draw. Betting on a similar indicator with the result 0:0, 1:1 and the like, will allow you to save money due to the fact that the bet will simply return (will be calculated with odds 1).

The most profitable handicap betting strategy

The European Handicap is more popular because there are only two types of results. It is a standalone strategy, if used correctly, the outcome will be quite pleasant. However, there are some points to improve the efficiency of betting:

  • Realistically evaluate the odds of favorites and underdogs.
  • Choose only the elite divisions of South America and Europe.
  • Closely monitor any changes in odds.

That’s interesting! The popular office even accepts bets on cybersports.

However, with any type of betting, it is important to carefully read the rules of the betting company, so as not to lose the money invested. It is worth at least a little orientation in the teams, players, the conditions of the match.

Sports betting attracts players with the opportunity to win real money. Bookmakers often offer a handicap for the underdog teams to equalize their chances with other players. With the right calculation, competent choice of bets and teams, the probability of winning increases.