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Parimatch football betting

Soccer bets – advantages and peculiarities of forecasting

Parimatch football is a popular sports game, which is represented in every bookmaker’s office in Pakistan. Beginners and bettors with experience bet on soccer matches, getting real profit from every soccer bet. It will not be difficult to choose the best Parimatch football bets today, because the most prestigious events are always available in the line of Pari match soccer betting. To make the first bets on the selected matches, you only need to register and deposit your account in the selected currency.

Advantages of online soccer betting at BK

The total number of markets for matches of major tournaments can reach more than 2,000, but the most popular among visitors are the main outcomes and long-term bets. In addition to the wide coverage, football betting bk Parimatch has other advantages:

  • – high betting limits (up to 50,000 in some offices);
  • – low margin;
  • – always favorable odds;
  • – a large number of events;
  • – numerous video broadcasts on the BK’s website!

However, only the users who pay enough attention to the pre-match analysis and make a prediction about the future match will be able to fully enjoy all the benefits. To increase your chances of getting the forecasts right, follow the news and watch the ratings of the best players. Thus, according to the portal, Messi, de Bruyne and Lewandowski are in the top three in FM22.

What is a soccer forecast, and why do I need it?

A soccer forecast, the importance of which was mentioned earlier, is a guess by a bettor or a keeper about the outcome of a particular match, based on various factors. The forecast can be bought on the Internet or compiled independently by analyzing:

  • – the current form of the teams;
  • – line-ups of the teams;
  • – venue;
  • – statistics of face-to-face meetings;
  • – Sufficient motivation!

Also pay attention to the presence of injured and/or disqualified key players. It is equally important to know about the coaching staff, because the result of the team largely depends on them.

Interested in virtual soccer betting tips, but do not fully understand what it is and how it works? Do not worry. In this article, we will explain everything to you in detail.

In fact, a very large number of bookmakers began to practice betting on virtual sports. Some people are attracted to this kind of game, while others are scared off by the fact that little is known about this way of betting. Generally, the most popular type for betting on virtual sports is soccer. Not an exception was the BC Parimatch, where anyone can bet on virtual soccer. But how does everything happen in virtual soccer? Let’s shed some light on what is called virtual soccer betting together.

What is virtual soccer

Virtual soccer matches are non-stop. There are 16 teams in a soccer league, and they play matches among themselves almost continuously according to a circular system. One game lasts about 3-4 minutes, and the whole season consists of 30 rounds. The virtual soccer timer also counts down to 90 minutes of the game (2 halves of 45 minutes) and you can watch the most important moments of the match (goals, corners, penalties, yellow cards, suspensions). It should be understood that the bookmaker’s office Parimatch has no influence on the outcome of matches. Winners of games, as well as the number of goals scored, penalties and other events determined by artificial intelligence. That’s what representatives of the bookmaker say.

Game strategies

It is very difficult to talk about a strategy game, when you mean the game in a kind of lottery. Here you can not take into account the human factor, and the algorithm of artificial intelligence, of course, players are not known. But even so, some customers of the bookmaker’s office Parimatch tried out several strategies for betting on viral soccer, which they call successful and profitable. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Dogon or Martingale strategy

A very well-known strategy among all players who are in any way associated with bookmakers. Its essence is very simple: you need to choose the amount of the nominal bet and choose the principle by which you will play the overtake. For example, to bet on the victory of the outsider, or on the total more than the number of goals. According to the classical Martingale, the odds on the selected event should not be lower than 2.0. If your first bet is not successful, you double it and so on, until your bet is winning. The main thing here is to keep count, because the point of this strategy is that any chain of events will be broken at some point, and your bet, if it wins, must pay back all previous lost bets, plus bring you income.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that it will not suit those players who want to bet on soccer with a very limited bank. After all, it is unknown how long the series of failures will last. If, however, the odds change, you can always resort to this formula:

  • S= X+Y/K-1
  • S – the amount of the necessary bet.
  • X – the amount of potential winnings from the first bet.
  • Y – the sum of all previous losses.
  • K – the coefficient of the upcoming event.

Betting in the opposite direction or overlapping

It is a variant of bets for safety net. The essence of this method is very simple. For example, we put together a parlay of two virtual soccer matches with total odds of 2.50. In live mode, we see that one of the desired events has already played, so we simply take and overlap our express with the opposite bet from the remaining event.

Here it is important to understand that virtual bets are very fleeting, so the count can go to seconds. For this strategy, you have to constantly keep your eyes on the events you want, and a moment of slackness or inattention can cost you money.

Betting on Outsiders

If you take into account the fact that betting on virtual soccer is partly a lottery, as the outcome of meetings determined by artificial intelligence, it is quite possible to play on the outsiders. And it is not only about the outsiders at the bottom of the standings during the season, but about the outsider in a particular match. The artificial intelligence still levels out some things, so sometimes betting on underdogs with high odds can “hit” and bring good profits.

Perhaps such a strategy can be tried in conjunction with the longshot, it is not certain that in the next match the team on which you bet will be the underdog. Here it is necessary to watch in real time and start first of all from what odds on soccer will be offered by the bookmaker’s office.