Advantages and disadvantages of betting on soccer

Nowadays, soccer has turned into a kind of religion, which has tens of millions of fanatics around the world. And there is no one who will dispute this fact. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, because only here such tournaments are held, which for a long time are able to gather at the TV screens of fans of this game from all over the world. For example the soccer world cup makes tens of millions of people live differently and forget everything else for the duration of the tournament. For this reason, Parimatch soccer is the most popular sport among betting fans. Football betting tips are the most voluminous, have quite an impressive spread, and often the smallest margins, and maximum limits are the highest.

Parimatch football betting

Apart from words, the leadership and the crazy popularity of soccer in the world of betting is also proven by figures. For example, for a match of one of the major European soccer leagues, there are often bets whose total amount reaches 30 million dollars, while for popular tennis matches the figure rarely exceeds 7 million. And when it comes to other sports, these figures are even lower. It should also be said that these are only bets for the matches in the elite leagues of the country, and if we take the Champions League or the FIFA World Cup, we can only guess how cosmic these numbers are. Taking into account the fact that the games of the leading soccer championships are held on weekends, it is quite obvious that in the coming years soccer will not give up the first line of popularity among customers of bookmakers’ offices.

The main advantages of betting on soccer

Low margin

As previously stated, bookmakers are engaged in a fierce struggle between each other, if not the entire war, for fans to bet on football. And thanks to this frantic competition, bookmakers have to inflate Parimatch football betting quotes in an attempt to somehow outbid the competition. For this reason, it is understandable that most bookmakers’ betting odds for soccer are usually 5-7 points higher than other popular sports such as tennis or hockey.

High betting limits

Soccer is the number one sport! This is the reason for the fact that in the bookmakers’ offices, the soccer line is significantly distinguished by the highest betting limits. Usually, serious bookmakers offer the opportunity to bet up to 20 thousand dollars on a single game, and sometimes the limit can reach more than one hundred thousand dollars. In important football matches, even the spread is allowed to bet more than in other sports on the main outcomes of matches.

Big spreadsheet

No matter which bookmaker’s office you choose, in any case its soccer betting lineup will be much larger than the size of all its other sections. For the most popular soccer events, such as the UEFA Champions League, the World Cup or the European Championship, the betting line for one soccer match may take up to three pages. In this case, the list of provided bets offers the most diverse and often unexpected proposals, including even the probability of removal of the coach, on what minute a goal will be scored, who will make the first kick on goal, etc.

A huge selection of TV broadcasts

Of course, the most televised sport is soccer, which gives betting fans the advantage of always being able to watch the game on TV. This is especially important for betting fans in live mode.

The advantage of team sports

As in a team sport, in soccer the individual players have less influence on the final result. A bad team member’s form will have an effect on the team’s performance, of course, but not as much as in tennis or other sports. For this reason, soccer is considered a less risky sport for betting.

Cons of football betting

A small number of forks

Parimatch Soccer betting tips is the most popular dish of bookmakers, for this reason bookmakers pay special attention to its preparation – placing quotes on matches in this sport. Excessive quotes on soccer matches in the bookmakers’ offices are very rare, because after the publication of the line, the offices start to look at each other and regularly adjust the quotes. Therefore, too high odds can be found only for insignificant tournaments, where the betting limit is too low.

Prompt reaction to all changes in the odds before the matches

Bookmakers react very quickly to even the slightest changes in the pre-match layouts, including backstage struggle, unexpected injuries and illnesses, etc. Each online bookmaker has a staff of good informers, so it is hard to imagine how powerful the notification system in betting shops is, because often even insiders do not have time to make their bets before the line is corrected.

Types of bets on football Parimatch

Pass Betting

This type of bets is used in cup competitions, where there is a game of elimination (playoffs Champions League, national cups, the final stages of the World Cup and European Championships, etc.).

Betting against the result

You can bet not only on the outcome, but also against the outcome. In this case, you bet that one of the three outcomes (P1, X or P2) will not happen.

Bet on the total

Also, a very popular type of betting on soccer. In this case, you bet on the number of goals scored in the match.

Total bets can be of two kinds – TM (total less) and TB (total more). There is also an option to bet on the exact number of goals (for example, exactly 3 goals scored in the match), but it is much less popular.

Pre-match analytics

Football betting Parimatch allows you to make money on sports at any convenient time. It takes only a few minutes to register and study the line to select the appropriate match.

It is worth noting right away that there is no single correct strategy that will work in any sport today. Players always have to rely only on analysis, which should be conducted carefully and be comprehensive. It is not enough to simply study the state of the favorite before the match. It is necessary to pay attention to such parameters as:

  • home court advantage;
  • the form of the main scorers;
  • the quality of the lawn and weather conditions;
  • team unity and professionalism of the coaching staff.

Here you will find a detailed roster and a lot of Parimatch soccer matches with detailed statistics for each of them.