Betting on Dota at Parimatch

Dota 2 Parimatch – computer multiplayer team game of real-time strategy with elements of computer role-playing game, the implementation of the famous map Dota for the game Warcraft III in a separate client.

The game involves two teams of five people each. One team plays for the light side, the other – for the dark side. Each player controls one hero, each with special skills and abilities. The hero can gain experience to increase his level, earn gold, buy and collect items that strengthen him or give additional abilities. Each player receives a small amount of gold from his base at all times, and also earns small amounts of gold for killing enemy creatures and larger amounts for killing heroes. Teams spread out along lines in which to fight enemy heroes and computer-controlled creep squads, which appear at team bases every half a minute. The goal of the game is to destroy the main building on the enemy base.

Dota 2 betting line at Parimatch

Pari match dota 2 betting lineup has a wide coverage of events, including all major tournaments and many smaller competitions. Here you can find bets on top championships like ESL One, i-League, Dota Pro Circuit and One Esports as well as qualifiers and lower divisions.

Parimatch exceeds many “sports” bookmakers in the width of the Dota 2 betting line, but, of course, is inferior to the cybersports bookmakers. Learn the schedule for Dota 2 on the site “Parimatch” you can in the “Upcoming matches”.

Dota 2 schedule on Parimatch

Although cybersports cannot be called the main specialization of BC Parimatch, it offers a very detailed spread on Dota 2. For example, up to 100 betting options are available for a medium-sized duel in the bookmaker’s office:

  • Winner, handicaps, totals;
  • Exact score;
  • Wins, handicaps and totals on the cards;
  • First blood, first to score 10 fractions, first turret, killing Roshan (on cards);
  • First Barracks, first to hit the glyph (on cards);
  • Godlike, Divine Rapier, megacryps, rempage (yes/no).

In other words, the variety of bets on even a minor Dota 2 duel will satisfy even sophisticated bettors. However, if we are talking about very small tournaments, the betting coverage is limited only to the main markets. Nevertheless, the Dota 2 betting coverage in Parimatch can be called excellent.

Live betting on Dota 2

Live platform also does not disappoint fans of betting on Dota 2 in Parimatch: a wide coverage of events and a fairly deep coverage speaks for itself. The number of markets in play is slightly less than that in the pre-match, depending on the significance of the event.

Live odds are updated in time, delays in betting are minimal. Most Dota 2 matches at Parimatch are streamed online.

Dota 2 odds

The odds for Dota 2 at Parimatch, as well as in general for cyber sports, are acceptable. Margin is about 6-7% depending on the selected market (on the major markets it is lower). Margin values do not depend on the prestige of the competition. For equal probability outcomes are usually put quotations 1.87-187 or 1.88-1.88.

By the way, in Parimatch there is an opportunity to make large VIP bets with higher odds. For the details of such Dota bet, you should contact the support service of the bookmaker’s office.

How to bet on Dota 2 in our bookmaker

  • Betting on Dota 2 in “Parimatch” can all registered and identified players of the BK. To make a bet, you need:
  • Login to the bookmaker’s website under your account.
  • In the line, choose cybersport and Dota 2.
  • Choose “Live” (for betting in live) or “All line” (for betting in pre-match).
  • Load the line on the necessary competition on Dota 2.
  • Open the playlist for the selected match.
  • Add the outcome to the betting slip.
  • Enter the sum of the bet and confirm it.

Promotions and bonuses Parimatch

From time to time, Parimatch international runs lucrative bonus promotions related to betting on eSports in general or Dota 2 in particular. For example, during one of the most recent promotions, Parimatch raffled off 700,000 among the players who had made the largest number of bets on cyber sports.

New players to Parimatch are offered one of the regular welcome gifts: a 100% bonus on their first deposit up to 2,500 or a 1,000 first deposit bonus for a first deposit of 500 or more. To wagering the first gift, you need to put the bonus amount 10 times on events with odds of 1.70 or more, and the second – 20 times under the same conditions.

Sponsorship of Parimatch on Dota 2

Paand rimatch bookmaker’s office is active in its sponsorship activities and organizes an annual Parimatch Dota 2 League tournament. The strongest teams take part in this competition, the prize fund reaches up to 100,000. Naturally, the odds for the pari match dota 2 League in the bookmaker’s office are considered the best on the market.

If we talk about the partnership of Parimatch in sports, under its aegis are held Pakistan championships in handball, futsal, volleyball and MHL.

Dota 2 betting tips in Parimatch

Check out the following tips for betting on Dota 2 at Parimatch to profit from it:

  • Bet closer to the start of the match, because that’s when the quotes increase to their maximum values;
  • Use the instant betting option to bet in the course of the match in a couple of clicks;
  • Watch online streams of live betting to better assess what is happening on the card;
  • Conduct a thorough pre-match analysis, taking into account the results of the teams in the given tournament and in recent times, the tournament grid, the form and motivation of the opponents;
  • Carefully study all the nuances of the game, for example, what gives killing Roshan, what are the characters and what is the blocking of characters;
  • Play Dota 2 yourself for a better understanding of all the gaming aspects of this cyber sports discipline;
  • Try to avoid betting on the favorites in minor tournaments, where they may not show the best game.

In addition, we recommend that beginners use financial management strategies to manage their bankroll properly. For example, the Flat strategy that implies betting from 1% to 5% of the bankroll is a good one.


Parimatch bookmaker office is suitable for betting on Dota 2, because it offers players a very wide coverage of events, a detailed list of almost all matches and quite competitive odds. And if you take advantage of the welcome bonus on your first deposit up to 5000, the probability of a great start in Parimatch increases by an order of magnitude.