What will help to make good bets on Dota

Pari match Dota 2 is one of the most popular cyber sport disciplines. A huge number of characters, game artifacts, maps and thousands of options for developing victory strategies make this game almost eternal in cybersport. It’s not for nothing that the annual prize pool at The International tournament is constantly growing, and the game’s developers do not stop working on its improvement. How to bet on Dota 2 Parimatch and what are the peculiarities of such bets – find out from our article.

How to bet on Dota 2: the rules of the game

First, we need to understand what’s going on in Parimatch Dota 2 on the battlefield. If you yourself play “Dota”, then feel free to ignore this point, you already know the rules. And it will be useful for newcomers.

The game is very simple: there is a map with two fortresses, which are connected by roads, and the task of the players is to destroy the opponent’s fortress. A total of 10 people are involved in the game (5 players in each team). Before the game starts, players choose a character to play for in this match. The whole point is that each character has its own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. For an accurate prediction, it is better to learn all of their features beforehand.

During the game, gamers mine gold, for which they buy different items and artifacts. Often the correct purchase of the item plays a decisive role in the outcome of the match. But the right tactics and strategy can change the course of the game.

Dota 2 betting

Types of tournaments in Dota 2

In modern eSports, tournaments are divided into many different types, each of which has a specific purpose and features.

Online tournaments

The peculiarity of online Parimatch Dota 2 tournaments is that teams do not need to come to a specific place, players can play over the Internet. Such tournaments usually have a small prize pool (no more than $50,000). However, sometimes there are events like Season 1 of the Professional Chinese League where the prize pool was 200 thousand dollars.

From the organizers’ point of view, online tournaments, on the one hand, do not require spending on renting premises and organization, on the other hand, they do not bring income from ticket sales. Qualification and small tournaments are certainly more profitable to conduct in online format, and for large events use the traditional LAN-format.

LAN tournaments

The prefix LAN means that games are played on a local network and all teams must arrive at a predetermined location.

For large events, large stadiums, arenas and centers that can hold many spectators are chosen. Players are usually located in special “glass” rooms and the game is broadcast on large screens so that all viewers can clearly see what is happening.

The LAN format is held almost all major events with a prize pool of more than $50,000. Although LAN tournaments are broadcast online, so anyone can watch them, seeing your favorite team in person gives a very different feeling.


The Parimatch eSports world of Dota 2 is built on a simple principle: weak teams get eliminated and strong teams get into tournaments. Qualification tournaments are used to screen out the weak teams and at the same time give little-known teams a chance to show their worth.

First, all interested teams take part in open regional qualifiers. The number of participants can be up to several hundred, and only a few of them will pass on. The next stage is the closed qualifications. Teams that have passed the open qualifications, as well as teams that have received a direct invitation, get there. Only after winning the closed qualifications does the team qualify for the main event. Qualifications are just a way to get to the tournament, so teams do not get money for winning, they get a chance.

Types of bets on Dota 2 Parimatch

DoTA 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world today. There are plenty of different sites that allow you to place all types of bets on this game. But, what types of bets are available for this game discipline? Let’s try to find out together.

Types of bets in DoTA 2

Most bookmakers offer a fairly standard set of bets for DoTA fans. Most of the bets mentioned below are also available for a variety of sporting events. For instance, the most popular bets at the moment in the world of DoTA 2 eSports are the following:

  • Bets of the single type;
  • Bets such as express;
  • System bets;
  • Additional bet types.

The most interesting of these are the additional types of bets, which can vary greatly depending on the match. They include, for example, bets on the first kill, Roshan’s death, the first destroyed building, etc. Their main distinction is that they tend to be placed as you watch the match live, and they are also very difficult to accurately predict. Accordingly, at the same time, they can bring much bigger rewards. And now, let’s take a closer look at the traditional types of betting.

Single bets

This type of bet is the simplest of all bets available to the modern player. To put it as plainly as possible – these bets are focused on the victory of one of the teams involved in the battle. Simply put, these bets offer to choose the team that will prevail. Typically, these bets are the least monetary, but on the other hand – they are also the most accessible to understand. If you are new to the world of betting, this is the best option for you.

Multi bets Parimatch

Multi bets give bettors the chance to win even more money than the bets described above. A classic Parlay consists of three or more single bets. A correctly composed parlay can bring a significant win, because the odds of each single bet are actually summed or even multiplied. But at the same time, it is easier to lose. One mistake often means a loss for the entire parlay.

Important features of Parimatch Dota 2 betting

What do ordinary cyber sports betting fans need to know to learn how to conduct correct analysis and bet on the team that will bring the most money? A novice bettor or a player who has never bet on Dota 2 matches will benefit from the advice of our experts who regularly bet on cyber sports disciplines.

Combine strategies

Combination is the best strategy to win. It is advisable to use the classic schemes in combination – bet a little, look at the draft and do the catch-up. If there is confidence in the good form of a particular performer, you can count on him to shine further (tournaments show that one person who “dragged” in the beginning often wins and becomes the MVP (most valuable player) of the championship in the future. Professionals use every available arsenal.