Parimatch Counter Strike betting tricks


Parimatch CS:GO betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online shooter spread all over the world. The plot is connected with the neutralization of a team of terrorists. Due to the peculiarities of the gameplay, the shooter began to be used as an esports discipline. Various tournaments are often held in which players fight for titles and rewards. Bets on CS:GO are made on various outcomes. This discipline is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, many brokers consider placing a bet.

CS:GO betting overview

Every year, about 100 high and medium level tournaments are launched on earth. They all qualify for:

  • Minors. Tournaments with an average cash fund. Many teams try to participate in them because of the opportunity to move to higher level tournaments. They are rarely seen in the list of bookmakers.
  • Majors. Competitions of the highest level. When a team wins, it has a large number of points. They perform twice a year, eSports bets become the top offer of bookmakers.

All teams are trying to get into the Major, which is held several times a year. Bets on esports CS:GO on such events are made very actively, which ensures the volatility of the odds. The CS:GO bookmaker allows you to purchase a bet on various outcomes, in LIVE mode you can see exactly how the competition is going.

Bet types

Bookmakers allow you to make various bets on events in the world of eSports. The main ones are considered to be:

  1. Outcome bet. It is considered the most common option, since you can get money by guessing the victory of one of the teams. Given the absence of the possibility of a draw, the probability of making a profit is 50%. LIVE bets on CS:GO are very popular.
  2. Total less and more. It concerns the number of cards and rounds. An exception is the bo1 match format, when only one map is played before victory.
  3. TM or TB round. This option involves betting on the number of rounds. An example is the passage of all 30 rounds, during which opponents take the side of special forces and terrorists.
  4. Handicap of plus or minus value. Betters consider such bets in a situation where teams of unequal strength meet. The game takes into account exactly how many cards each company wins.
  5. Accurate account. In this case, you can count on a large coefficient, but it is always difficult to determine the exact score. However, in a bo3 game there are only 4 possible outcomes.
  6. Winning the pistol round. The first rounds are played using only pistols, after which they receive money to buy weapons. Equal conditions make the fight more interesting.
  7. Total rounds or cards. Here you need to guess an even or odd value.
  8. The victory of the team in one of the parties. Numerous matches indicate that terrorists have a chance on some maps. CS:GO betting recommendations significantly increase the likelihood of income. They concern the selection of the team that will win the competition with a high degree of probability.

CS:GO betting tips

In order to make an accurate forecast, several factors must be taken into account. They are the following:

  1. The importance of the event and motivation. Team motivation is influenced by the prestige and size of the fund. In large and important tournaments, everyone has a lot of motivation. Therefore, a situation is often observed when an outsider shows himself well.
  2. The current rating of the team and the dynamics of change. As in sports, the discipline in question has its own rating. It allows you to understand at what level of preparation the team is. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the dynamics of changes in this indicator. If a team has only been losing points in recent years, then it can show itself poorly.
  3. History of recent meetings. Allows you to determine what form the players are currently in.
  4. History of personal meetings. Often there is a situation where players compete not only in the tournament. So it adds motivation. Evaluation of the game against a particular opponent is a serious evaluation that should be carried out before each bet.
  5. Individual characteristics of the players. To do this, you will have to look through all the previous matches and make your assessment of skills. Such data are extremely rare.
  6. The current composition of each team. It changes from time to time. If new players have appeared, you need to wait for an unexpected result, a change in tactics or a deterioration in performance.
  7. Team experience associated with participation in significant competitions. If they are participating in a tournament for the first time, there is a chance of a lot of excitement. Players may not be able to handle it.
  8. Strengths and weaknesses of opponents. They are entered into a comparison table for decision making.

Do not forget about the psychological and physical condition of the team. For example, several unsuccessful meetings lead to the fact that the players cannot properly assess the situation. But with a tight schedule or the presence of an illness, professional qualities deteriorate. All the necessary information is taken from official sources and social networks.

The collected information is subject to analysis. Only by comparing all the data can we conclude which company wins the upcoming competition.


Payout speed

After receiving income, the money must be withdrawn. BC processes applications within a few hours. Receipts are accrued depending on how fast the party accepting the payment works.

There is also a CS:GO betting app from the bookmaker. It allows you to place a bet in the shortest possible time, just a few clicks are enough. There is also a withdrawal function in the personal account, in which one of the available withdrawals is selected. Some provide a commission.

Website support

There is a support service for customer service. This feature is available through the official website and app.
The key feature is that the service provides support in the shortest possible time. It only takes a few minutes to answer. Questions may relate to the process of registering a personal account, depositing and withdrawing funds, and performing other operations.

Bonuses and Promotions

CS:GO betting promotions are held during significant events. Also, when you first open an account, the company is credited with bonus points that you need to win back to withdraw them.

CS:GO occupies a separate category in PariMatch. This is due to the fact that the popularity of the event at the time of the passage of a significant tournament is very high. The company is trying to stimulate regular players by creating various promotions.


Is it possible to predict the outcome of such matches?

There are a large number of parameters that can indicate the likelihood of a team winning. But you need to know what parameters to consider.

How to start betting?

In order to start earning on bets, it is enough to register a personal account and replenish the balance. This can be done in a number of ways presented. After receiving money on the account, it is enough to go to the appropriate section and place a bet on the event of interest.