Parimatch Counter Strike betting tricks

Cybersports are becoming more and more popular every day, attracting more and more bookmakers to betting shops. More often than not, the focus is on Pari match CS:GO tournaments: a game that has been losing ground for years. It was released in 2000, but became especially popular in 2012 after the presentation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Even then, the logo of the game began to be associated with a pleasant and interesting pastime. It is a three-dimensional multiplayer shooter, where the players in two teams fight each other from the first person. The game came out just in the heyday of gambling, so bookmakers quickly picked up its wave of popularity and were able to successfully monetize the interest in shooters. Counter-Strike has several plausible scenarios, which makes the game itself and cyber sports betting even more interesting. Initially only school kids and teenagers were interested in the game, but today the situation has changed dramatically – now the industry has serious sponsors, global tournaments and many players from around the world.

Parimatch CS:GO betting

Introduction to CS:GO betting

The moment of the flourishing of Parimatch CS:GO betting is considered to be 2013, when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started to have so-called skins. At that time thanks to Steam API numerous sites started to appear where it was possible to buy, sell or modify add-ons or cases. Over time, because of this popularity, gambling sites became popular. There, you could place a bet on a selected eSports event. Gradually, cases of cheating and gambling increased on such resources, especially the paid skins, so in most cases, bets are now accepted for real money.

In order for the bets to be profitable, it is important to understand the cyber athletes, study their achievements, standings and results of past games. This is particularly difficult to do at the Majors level, as the players in these championships are all very experienced and have serious skills.

How to bet on CS:GO Parimatch

Looking at the rapid growth in the popularity of eSports events, many bookmakers began to offer such services on their resources. Anyone can place a bet, the principle is absolutely no different from the games for any other sport. There you can bet not only real money, but also skins for the game, so betting on ks go attracts the attention of experienced players.

Parimatch CS:GO tournaments

The number of tournaments and of the varieties is growing rapidly, they are held in different parts of the world. They can be watched every day due to the high frequency and intensity, which makes betting on eSports very profitable and interesting.

Conventionally, Parimatch CS:GO tournaments can be divided into two types: majors and minors. The first ones are the biggest tournaments in the world. To get there is really not easy – you need to constantly make your way to a more status competitions, find wealthy sponsors and gain recognition of fans of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Prize money on such championships can be very large and reach several million dollars. They are sponsored by the company Valve, the creator of the game. However, events of this format are conducted quite rarely. Typically, you can watch these tournaments twice a year: in the summer and fall. They attract the attention of bookmakers and the audience of millions, so many are waiting for such competitions with great anticipation.

There are also lower level variants, the so-called minors. They are attended by cyber athletes, who are just starting their career and want to gain as much experience as possible, if they can win and improve their rating and get into the list of professionals. This competition format is a good way to break into the majors. All players are genuinely interested in success and winning, so betting on them can also be a very profitable option.

Types of bets on CS:GO Parimatch

Traditionally, it is customary to divide bets on CS:GO into two types: long-term and short-term, and they can also be primary and secondary. Each of these types has its own characteristics, so beginners, especially with the minimum deposit, it is important to understand their principles and the system of the game itself.

From the standard options are found bets: total, handicap, even or odd, winning the first round, winning the game, the exact score. However, there are other more interesting variants that are more suitable for those who understand the mechanics of CS:GO:

  • first blood;
  • total + win of the team;
  • which team will be the first to score a certain number of rounds;
  • who will win a round on pistols or knives;
  • method of victory;
  • 1 on 1 game;
  • number of kills.

These can vary depending on the bookmaker chosen and the variety of the match, its level and the skills of each cyber athlete.


Long-term bets on Parimatch CS:GO bets are not in particular demand. More often than not, they include betting on who will take the championship title, the country from which the winners will be from. Also, the capers can try to guess from which group, playing in the championship, and will be the future champion. Often you have to wait a long time for the entire championship to be played, watching the overall tournament situation, in order for the bet to play.

Short term

These bets are in high demand because they can go relatively quickly. Most often, fans of cybersports use matchmaking or short-term options. They have their own peculiarities, but in general such bets are very similar to standard bets. Within the short-term, bets can be noted:

Even or odd;

  • exact score;
  • handicap on individual rounds;
  • the winner of the first round;
  • the winner of the round of 16 (it is considered the first in the 2nd period);
  • the winner of the total match;
  • the number of totals of all rounds;
  • The presence or absence of overtime.

Such bets are very easy to understand, in their case, there is absolutely no limit to the spread. Since they are present in soccer and other sports in the gaming business, even a beginner will understand all the subtleties. But you need to understand the principles of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and also know the abilities of each participant of the tournament.

Advantages and disadvantages of CS:GO betting

Such bets have very impressive advantages:

  • The relative stability of teams and players;
  • mistakes of bookmakers (because of the young industry, there are often serious blunders in favor of the bettor);
  • Regular games and broadcasts;
  • quality online games;
  • a wide choice of championships;
  • daily games of different levels.

Among the disadvantages are the lack of broad lines and detailed rosters, as the industry of cybersports is still relatively young and just developing. It is also inferior to other sports in terms of odds, but this may depend on the particular bookmaker.