UFC Parimatch review

Mixed martial arts has its own rules. A lot of people are now into this sport. In order to get a high level of popularity in a short time, the right marketing strategy was used. Only capable fighters were involved in the UFC organization. At the moment, promotions-competitors consider this company as a leader.

UFC review

The UFC is now a billion dollar brand. She is known all over the world. Therefore, now almost every bookmaker has such a betting line. In some bookmakers, the UFC direction in PariMatch is in a separate line. During almost every weekend they spend evenings with fights. When organizing fights of a high level, bookmakers offer the use of increased odds or free bets. The latter are called free bets.

In MMA, effective strategies are highly preferred when betting on the UFC and tournaments held by other fighting organizations. Bookmakers do not offer a lot of options for outcomes. Market placement is in three or four categories. However, fights are always unpredictable. Any bettor can often lose his bet on the favorite. The action of strategies during betting in MMA takes place in live mode and long-term betting. With their help, the possibility of occurrence of the probability of failures is minimized. Also, bettors get more chances to achieve a solid win.

Parimatch UFC bet

Proper UFC Betting

The basic list of fights between the bookmaker and the UFC has its own rules. For players, Mixed Martial Arts most often offers bets on the main outcomes. They are of this kind.

  • 1X2 means that one fighter won, the possibility of a draw, the victory of the second participant.
  • W1/W2 denotes the victory of the first fighter or the victory of the second participant when there is no draw.
  • 1X/2X means the first fighter wins or a tie, the second fighter wins or ties.
  • The appearance of the total in the round. Markets have different types. For example, 1.5B/1.5M, 2.5B/2.5M. If these are title fights, then they are given such names as 3.5B / 3.5M, 4.5B / 4.5M. The number of rounds is indicated by an index. Players can give a rough prediction to them. When the fight ended prematurely during the first round, then each bet in the total will be winning. That is, it will be less than 1.5M, 2.5M.
  • When the specified round starts. Yes or no. This is a type of market, with the help of a bet on which players try to make a prediction of a conditional total in rounds.
  • The end of the fight occurs during the first sixty seconds of the first round. Not really. Markets of this type may include fight murals when knockouts are involved. Fighters who have a large strike force take part here.

Withdrawal and deposit options


Way Minimum amount Maximum amount Time of processing Commission
VISA 2$ 2000$ Instantly 0%
Master Card 2$ 2000$ Instantly 0%
Skrill 5$ 5000$ Instantly 0%
Neteller 5$ 5000$ Instantly 0%

Withdrawal of funds from the account

Way Minimum amount Maximum amount Time of processing Commission
VISA 5$ 1500$ 1 – 3 working days 0%
Master Card 5$ 1500$ 1 – 3 working days 0%
Skrill 5$ 5000$ Up to 48 hours 0%
Neteller 5$ 5000$ Up to 48 hours 0%

Bonuses and wagering rewards

As 2020 continued, the bookmaker significantly reduced the program that gives out bonuses with prizes. New customers are currently unable to use the deposit promotion. Previously, players had the opportunity to receive up to $100.

  • The welcome bonus now starts at $30 free bet for a single free bet. To receive a prize, certain conditions must be met.
  • A new customer needs to register first. Then he must go through the identification process.
  • The game account is replenished with an amount of five hundred rubles.
  • Free bet, which is credited, is placed in any bet. Inside the coupon there is a corresponding option for this.

When the bet made in the free bet prize is successful, then only net winnings will appear on the state of the cash account. By betting on a thousand rubles with a coefficient of 1.50, you can get an amount of money equal to not one thousand five hundred, but only five hundred rubles. However, such a welcome prize is characterized by a noticeable plus. There is no need to replay it multiple times. With these bonuses, you can bet on the UFC online.

Customer service

Customer service and technical support are also important. You can ask the TP company about anything, asking all sorts of questions. You can use the following methods to contact them:

  • technical support chat;
  • E-mail address;
  • cell phone number.

In addition to live chat, Parimatch allows users to contact their 24/7 Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp specialists.

Mobile apps for betting

With the help of mobile application for betting on the UFC bookmaker Parimatch, the creators were able to get the players to use all the necessary gaming and functional interface. The program can be downloaded to the memory of the android system. It is downloaded as an apk file. The link for downloading it contains the start page, where there is a mobile version.

Application options for iPhones and iPads are located inside the AppGallery and App Store catalogs. To make it comfortable for users to use, a special page was created. Here it is possible to order a direct link in order to download the program. It is suitable for a specific operating system.

UFC Parimatch

UFC Betting Tips

New players who are just learning to bet can most often bet in fights, given the rules of MMA. To get the right results that will allow you to get into the plus, you need to understand these martial arts. Experts recommend watching organized tournaments and betting on the UFC by strategy. It is recommended to view archived video recordings where specific fighters participate.

If you have an idea about the technical arsenal of athletes, their track record, success during fights, you can very accurately predict the result in events that will take place in wrestling, boxing, jiu-jitsu. If you analyze only statistical indicators, this may not bring the desired result.

Flat Strategies with Ladder

Even beginners can use the simplest approach during MMA betting. It is considered a financial scheme. However, in order for the bets to be successful, it is necessary to study mixed martial arts more deeply, to study the analytics before the match.

When using this strategy, the bettor needs to execute a fixed amount bet on a specific selection. It is not advised to choose a market that has high coefficients. This will significantly increase the possibility of the risk associated with the loss.

Betting during the main selections can be fully suited if you use this strategy when betting on the UFC.
When there have been several wins, you should not resort to increasing the bet. It is worth considering your budget, which was previously planned. This will help new players not to face a quick loss. At the same time, they can gain more experience when betting in MMA. Many experienced bettors use a similar strategy if they need to master the market.

The essence of the ladder strategy

This UFC betting tip doesn’t have the same rationality as Flat. However, it can be used to learn how to execute UFC bets. In this case, there will be insignificant financial losses. You can use a similar strategy to bet on UFC live.

The player allocates some financial budget amount that can be spent in bets. Sometimes the bankroll on the obvious favorite is applied in full. When there is one tournament, you need to make a choice of three or four fights. Experienced fighters will face new bookmaker players or athletes who do not have a very high rating. The coefficients in the chance will indicate the presence of a significant difference. If numbers from 1.15 to 1.20 fall out, this will affect the superiority of the fighter over his personal opponents …