How to bet on UFC fights in a bookmaker’s office

Fights by the rules of mixed martial arts are relatively well predictable, and are characterized by favorable odds compared to the more predictable boxing. Before making a bet on a Parimatch UFC fight, the following indicators should be analyzed:

  • The current ranking of the fighters in their weight class.
  • Age, experience of performances in the promotion.
  • Base styles.
  • Service records, win-loss ratio.
  • Percentage of early wins and losses.
  • Current form, winning/loss streak.
  • Specifics of the training process (weight loss problems, recent injuries).
  • Regularity of performances.

Types of UFC bets

Mixed martial arts are very different from other sports, and therefore betting on Pari match UFC fights becomes a mystery to soccer and tennis fans. However, in their diversity is not as difficult to understand as it may seem at first glance. The outcome. A simple option for betting on MMA, offering the client to determine how the fight will end. It can be a victory of one of the opponents or a draw.

Total. In the UFC, the total does not mean the number of points earned, but the number of rounds played. The player needs to predict how long the fight will last.Whether the round will start. An alternative betting variant, where the user guesses whether the fight will reach a certain round. A quick end to the fight. A popular bet placed by those who think the fight will end in the first 60 seconds. This often happens in the preliminary card of Parimatch UFC tournaments.

Winning method. A more complicated bet, for the conclusion of which it is necessary to have a complete picture of the fighters. The client of BK guesses whether the meeting will end on points, by a choke hold or by knockout. Statistics refers to a large list of bets on the statistical indicators of fighters, whether it be the number of punches or take-downs.

Choosing bets in bookmaker’s offices, it is important to understand that BK accepts bets both before and during the fight. In the second case, the odds change quickly, allowing you to find the most likely outcome or make money on the underdog.

Parimatch UFC bet

We choose the best fighter of the year

Deiverson Figueredo.

The Brazilian featherweight fighter had four (!) fights this year. He could become the champion in February, when he knocked out Joseph Benavides in the second round. But the vacant title, which was left unclaimed by Henry Sejudo, remained unplayed. The reason is trivial and unpleasant: the God of War did not meet the limit of the lightest weight class. That, of course, clouded the situation, but Daverson quickly rectified the situation.

Israel Adesanya.

The unbelievable New Zealander with Nigerian roots had a very bright season. Not only in the octagon, but also on social media. The unbeaten Israel brought his impressive streak to 20 fights. In March, he had a solid defense of the championship belt, defeating Yoel Romero by unanimous decision of the judges. After that he was invited to fight one of the best fighters in the league, Paulo Costa in September.

Ground Rules

There is a single set of rules for any organization that does Parimatch MMA fights. One document contains all the points that relate to:

  • Violations of any kind and the rights of fighters;
  • Doping control;
  • Duration and number of rounds;
  • Medical care during, before and after fights;
  • Equipment of athletes;
  • Weight categories;
  • Presence and actions of the referee in the octagon.

Also, organizers must separately consider the rules of the venue (stadium or arena) and the octagon itself.

First of all, MMA is different from all other types of martial arts by the fact that athletes of different styles meet on the same arena. And this led to the need to create common rules so that each fighter had the opportunity to reveal his abilities, but not to use “dirty” techniques to incapacitate the opponent. With all this in mind, it is forbidden:

  • biting, scratching, pinching, and pulling the skin, as well as pulling or holding the opponent’s hair (including on the body);
  • poking and squeezing the eyes, trapping fingers in the nostrils, cheeks, ears, as well as deliberately tearing and pressing on the existing cuts;
  • hold on to the opponent’s equipment;
  • hit in the throat and on the back of the head;
  • to strike at the full length of the spine;
  • to strike intentionally in the groin;
  • beat the head (including blows to the opponent’s body with the head)
  • throwing the opponent outside the octagon;
  • arrange scuffles before or after the fight.

As for the specific prohibited blows and some actions that are not allowed in the fight – this will be discussed a little later.

How to bet on UFC

To make a bet on UFC Pari match you need to register on the site of the bookmaker’s office, to be verified, make a deposit and choose the bet of interest. However, if you bet at random, there is a great risk of quickly losing all the money. That is why it is important to prepare for this process:

  1. Choose a bookmaker that offers the highest odds on MMA. To do this, study the lines of popular betting companies before registering.
  2. Look at what bonuses are offered by bookmaker’s offices. At the initial stage, they can be used as a substitute for real money.
  3. If you are just starting out in betting, make your first bets using freebies, so that you know how successful you will be in betting.
  4. Get involved in watching the most popular mixed martial arts tournaments. This will allow you to delve deeper into the topic and, as a consequence, increase your chances of success.
  5. Study the experts’ opinion, and only comparing it with your betting option, make a bet.
  6. Be that as it may, UFC betting is entertainment, not a way to make money. However, some people can make money from betting, but for that you will need to learn betting strategies and apply them in practice.

How to bet on the UFC online

The betting procedure itself does not cause difficulties even for beginner bettors. But before the start of the game, it is necessary to go through a number of formal procedures.

Create an account in a bookmaker’s office. When choosing a betting company, rely on the ratings. In Pakistani betting shops, right after registration, you need to go through identity verification. Foreign betting companies usually verify the bettor’s identity before the first withdrawal of money from the gaming account.

Replenish your balance on the bookmaker’s website. Deposit today you can almost any of the existing methods – from bank cards to cryptocurrencies. Bookmakers are interested in new customers, so problems with deposits rarely arise.

Betting on Parimatch UFC. To make a bet, you need to select the tournament and event in the line of the BK, and then click on the odds of one or another outcome. The bet will automatically get to the betting slip, where you can add other outcomes, if you want to form a system or express. After entering the bet amount, it remains to confirm the bet and wait for the end of the match.