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The game is very dynamic, there are clear favorites and popular leagues. That is why many bookmakers allow you to bet on such events. You can download the basketball betting app from PariMatch. The bookmaker attracts many players because of the detailed list and high odds, a simple verification process.

Basketball betting with PariMatch

The betting line covers almost all professional men’s tournaments and many women’s. Among them the most popular are:

  • NBA;
  • VTB United League;
  • Champions League;
  • European Cup;
  • Series A;
  • DIA League and others.

All information is presented in an accessible form, with the search there are no difficulties. The developers have tried to make the interface comfortable to use.

Follow the best basketball odds

A feature of the company’s offer is that, along with major competitions, there are championships of some Asian and Latin American countries. The feed presents the competitions of Israel, Iran and Brazil.

There are women’s tournaments represented by the Russian Premier League and the Spanish LFB league, and other significant competitions. Basketball bets online are carried out in several modes.

Considering the rules of betting on basketball, you need to take into account the presence of a large number of modes. They are the following:

  • winning a match in regular or extra time;
  • general or individual totals;
  • totals, quarters or halves;
  • number of assists, steals, rebounds and those shots;
  • totals for individual players;
  • Probability of finishing the game in overtime.

Such a painting is provided not only for significant championships, but also for other events. An unusual mode is the Duel of Players, which involves making bets on one of the two basketball players of the opposing teams. Basketball in PariMatch is considered the main tool.

Bonuses for new players

You can use all the features of the bookmaker only after registering an account and authorization in your personal account. Basketball betting tips are as follows:

  • a basketball betting line opens, there is a special item on the site for it;
  • the popular Live mode or the entire available line is selected;
  • the download button is pressed;
  • the desired outcome is selected;
  • In the opened coupon, the amount of the bet is selected and the action is re-confirmed.

If there are enough funds on the account, the corresponding position on the event will be opened. Bonuses for betting on basketball are awarded when the corresponding event is active. When you first replenish your account up to 5000 rubles, a bonus of 100% of the transferred amount is credited.

The popularity of basketball events is associated with the ability to open positions for a long distance for great profit. Bet Recommendations:

  • Before each betting, you need to do a detailed analysis. For this, the tournament position, the latest results and other available information are taken into account. Only in this case, you can increase the likelihood of making good profits.
  • By the time the match starts, the coefficient increases significantly, so it is not recommended to open a bet in advance.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the LIVE mode. You need to open bets only in the quick mode, which involves making only a few clicks.
  • There is a broadcast mode on the official website of the bookmaker. It allows you to receive information about what is happening almost without delay.
  • The main rule of bidding is to calculate the available budget. Even with a low ratio, the probability of losing funds is high.

On the official website of the bookmaker there are rules for betting, which you need to familiarize yourself with before starting cooperation.

Basketball betting strategy

Experienced players themselves develop strategies based on their experience and knowledge. The most popular options are:

  • Total over/under. The strategy provides for the calculation of the average total of the selected teams, after which it is compared with the offers of the bookmaker. Having calculated all the indicators, TB or TM is selected.
  • On an outsider. This strategy is quite common. This is due to the fact that you can get a high income due to the formed coefficients. There is a situation when a strong team puts up players of the second roster and loses a meaningless match. Many strategies involve betting on an outsider to win in the third or fourth quarter, with a high probability of such an outcome.
  • Dogon. The strategy involves betting on the same results associated with total and handicap. If you fail, the next bet increases to win back. This approach allows you to return the money in case of an unsuccessful bet. The only downside is the balance limit.
  • Each basketball betting strategy varies depending on the specifics of a particular event. Beginners are not recommended to bet on a large amount, even in the case of a bright favorite.

Leagues and tournaments

All known leagues and tournaments are available for betting. The line includes the NBA, VTB United League, Champions League, European Cup and others. In order to consider all the available options, just go to the corresponding page and select the Full line mode. Such actions will provide access to filters by country and available competitions.

The site also has time filters. Due to this, it is possible to display competitions that should take place in the near future.

The history of the sport of basketball: trivia, culture and facts

The history of such a sport as basketball has 130 years. Let’s talk about who invented and how basketball was invented, and also about the periods of its development as a mass sport.
Who is the inventor of this sport?
James Naismith, who taught at the Youth Christian Association (YCA) College of America in Springfield in the late 19th century This teacher was looking for some new way to get students involved in sports. Then they did only gymnastics, it soon became boring for them. James Naismith came up with another active game to make gymnastics more fun.

In 1892, the teacher and the children were only at first satisfied with the novelty, which was played almost without rules. Later, the regulations for the matches were needed, because sometimes during the match the fans also took part: they took the ball and played. In 1892, the teacher made the first regulation of the game of basketball, it consisted of 13 points.

Parimatch Basketball

Fantastic sport for betting lovers

Access to the bookmaker’s capabilities is provided through the web version and special applications. The software was developed using modern methods. They guarantee high stability.

Live bets

Live betting is one of the most popular modes. They provide the opportunity to bet at the time of the event. In fast mode, it only takes a few clicks. Live bets on basketball are available from the main page, for which you just need to select the appropriate tab.

Such a regime requires certain skills and practice. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for beginners, since it is difficult to assess the probability of a particular outcome in a quick mode.

Most often, users install the application on a mobile device. This is due to the fact that when using it, access to the service is provided from anywhere in the world and at any time. You can track the results while at work or on a trip. The software is optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, all controls are displayed correctly, only an Internet connection is required to transfer information.


Are there any bonuses?

At the first registration and replenishment of the account, a bonus of 100% of the transfer amount is provided. It should be borne in mind that you can use it to bet with a coefficient of at least 1.7. After wagering, bonuses can be withdrawn.

Using multiple accounts, is it possible or not?

The rules for using the service indicate that everyone can register only one account. This allows you to avoid fraud in order to use accrued bonuses. If violations of the rules for using the service are detected, the account may be blocked.