How to beat a bookie in basketball betting

Parimatch basketball is one of the most popular sports for betting, because there are many outcomes to bet on. In the listings of famous bookmakers, there is always an abundance of basketball games played every day. Because of this, bettors have created several effective Parimatch basketball betting strategies for NBA games and other leagues to get the most out of the sport.

Among them, there are both unique ones used only in basketball and universal ones that, when adjusted, can be used in other sports disciplines.

Basketball betting Parimatch

Types of basketball betting strategies and their essence

The advantage of Parimatch basketball betting is that there are four halves of the match. While in soccer there are only two halves, in basketball four quarters are played. And besides the main time, in basketball you can bet separately on each period.

How to bet on an underdog strategy in basketball?

If you are not sure who will win the game, bet on the victory of the outsider in a particular period. Betting on quarters always help bettors when they do not want to risk predicting the outcome of the match. In such cases, a strategy on the outsider in basketball in a particular quarter will help.

The team, being much weaker than its opponent, is able to take at least one quarter. This is confirmed by statistics. The main thing is to predict the period in which the underdog can win. The methodology is based on the game with a long run.

At the beginning of the match, it is impossible to determine which quarter the bet will go in. Use catch-up by spreading your bankroll over the entire game. First, bet on the outsider’s win in the first period. If you lose, for the second quarter, increase your bet by 2.5 times. The size of any next bet is calculated by the formula:

*losses + target earnings/coefficient – 1

If the underdog wins the quarter, you will not only recoup your losses, but on top, you will get earnings equivalent to the size of the first bet. The strategy on the outsider in basketball by quarters does not work when the favorite wins all periods. But this rarely happens. And if it does, continue to use the strategy in the next game.

How to choose matches for the strategy?

The outsider Pari match basketball betting strategy is ideal for the NBA, Pakistan championships. What else do you need to analyze:

  • In the last few seasons in face-to-face meetings, both teams should win quarters;
  • In the season stats, neither team should have lost all quarters in a row;
  • look for outsiders who enter the game from the 3rd period.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The outsider almost never loses all 4 periods.
  • After winning the first two quarters, the favorite gives the initiative to its opponents and gives the top players a rest.
  • Bookmakers sometimes give overestimated odds, misjudging the strength of their opponents as the match progresses.


  • You need to carefully select matches for the strategy. But there is no exact search criteria and they are all subjective.
  • Use the method of catch-up is recommended only with a large game bank.
  • Catch-up may be limited due to the limits on the maximum bets when the player has lost several times in a row and to win back he needs to put a large amount.
  • Features of the basketball betting Parimatch strategy on the quarter total

The strategy is similar to the previous one, because here, too, the method of catch-up is used. Brings profit in matches with odds of 1.80 or higher. This is a necessary condition to even up the size of the bet. If the odds are 2.0, it is enough to double the next bet when losing. The player can choose the total or individual total, as well as predict even or odd match totals.

Match selection criteria

When choosing this tactic, look for matches in the most productive basketball leagues, such as the NBA, the championship of Pakistan. Before selecting a match, you should consider the following parameters:

  • odds on the total of the quarter from 1.80 or higher;
  • The teams to meet should be the attacking ones, in the course of the season as a lot of scoring and a lot of conceding;
  • In the NBA for betting on the total more on the quarter best suit such productive teams as the Toronto Reporters, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City.

Pros and Cons


  • Odds on TB 54.5 are often high and teams often break this total.
  • Over the long haul, the strategy of betting on basketball quarter totals puts the player in the black.


  • It is necessary to properly plan the bank and prepare for the situation when the first 3 periods do not go in, and for the last quarter BK lowers the bets. Then you will have to increase the bet size by more than 2 times.
  • The strategy is based on probability theory.
  • You need a large bankroll to make money over a long distance.

How to Win Using a Corridor?

In basketball Parimatch, this is an ideal and win-win strategy. Look carefully at the bookmakers’ lines, look for opposite handicaps or totals on different teams with odds at least 2.0.

How to choose a match for a corridor?

Finding a match to use a corridor is difficult, but attentive and experienced bettors in a dynamic game find such forks. To find a corridor, you need to:

  • find two opposite and overlapping outcomes, like TB 200 and TM 210 – odds on the outcomes should be about the same;
  • Look for matches with a point difference of at least 3-4, to fall into this range (corridor) and both bets passed – the greater the difference, the higher the probability of a corridor and winnings;
  • calculate the probability of the corridor according to the formula: (100/coefficient BC1 + 100/coefficient BC2) – 100.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Win-win methodology.
  • Even if one bet fails, the second one will make up for the loss.
  • In basketball, the difference in the points scored by the two teams can be enormous. Therefore, the basketball betting strategy using the corridor is most suitable for the day of this sport.


  • Difficulties in finding a lineout even with a 3-point difference.
  • You need to be able to quickly find overlapping outcomes in play at approximately equal odds. And even more difficult – to have time to hit the lineout.
  • Bookmakers are struggling with bettors who play the corridor strategy. The player can reduce the betting limit or even forbid him to bet in a particular betting company.


Among the main Pari match basketball betting strategies, one of the most profitable is considered to be the victory of the outsider in the quarter using the catch-up method. It is characterized by large odds and high odds of passing the bet, because the favorites rarely win in all four periods.


  • What are the variations of total in basketball?

Total, total, total quarters, odd/even, individual and Asian totals.

  • How to use basketball betting strategies in play?

For successful betting it is necessary to watch the game live.